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By employing a comprehensive Health and Safety regime within your organisation you will increase efficiency and productivity and thus your overall profitability. You will also be proactively maintaining the welfare and well being of your workforce.

Our dedicated training centre in Newcastle-under-Lyme provides comprehensive training with a wide range of courses available covering all industry sectors. As well as our own centre we also take advantage of sites across the UK or our customers’ own premises. We also provide the service of tailor writing our courses to suit your own specific business needs.

We believe in being completely flexible with our clients’ needs and so allow our trainers to be booked 24/7 meaning; daytimes / evenings / weekdays / weekends / during the night to accommodate those operating night shifts and round the clock operations.

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Training Suites

Our training suite is designed to make trainees feel comfortable and relaxed in their environment thus enhancing the effectiveness of their training.


All of our trainers are qualified to the highest standards with many years of practical working experience. This depth of knowledge provides for the delivery of informative, interesting and interactive courses and thus providing the best learning environment for the candidate.

Advisory Services

Our highly qualified consultants will help you to identify and minimise the inherent risks within your own business thereby avoiding potential accidents and injuries. Health and Safety audits can be undertaken to assess the quality of your existing Health and Safety policies and our consultants can then work with you to ensure your system is fully compliant. They can provide a comprehensive support package to keep your business fully up to date with the latest changes in legislation.